"I know several things that make us unique that we should stress to potential operators:
1. Probably the best Fleet One offering on the market that can save a team operation $500 or more a week in fuel discounts. That is nearly a truck payment for a team operation!
2. A top-tier, highly experienced support staff which responds rapidly and professionally to problems when they arise.
3. A top-tier safety staff who work for the drivers instead of against them, coaching as needed to keep the drivers’ scores up. Drivers benefit from this even though we sometimes don’t like it!
4. Top-tier accounting staff, highly experienced who get our paychecks RIGHT, and on time!
5. Top-tier administrative staff who help iron out all kinds of issues, and are accessible to the operators. The focus is on practical solutions, not arbitrary attitudes and policy.
These things are items that appeal to most operators. And differentiate us from most carriers. Yes we should stress our great pay, but every carrier focuses on that talking point. Loyalty is a rare commodity and EmWay is loyal to their operators!
My two cents!!"   

Jim S., Owner Operator, NC

"If you are looking for a family to run with, EM Way is the place to be"! 

Greg M., Owner Operator, PA

"My family, and I are so thankful for EM way.  They are just the best outfit out there from top to bottom.  I could not be more pleased.  Thank y'all for everything". 

Kent H., Owner Operator, NC

EM Way Inc

"I enjoy working for EM Way.  Everybody in the office is so professional, and everybody works together to solve any problems that come up.  Also, the dispatchers keep you moving.  There is never any sitting around and wondering if you're going to get your next load.  The next one always comes in a day or two before you deliver the load you're on.  I plan on being here for a long long time.  Till I retire"!

Shawn M., Owner Operator, UT

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