​PM A Service - PM A generally consists of a safety check and lubrication as well as checks of key components such as brakes, lights, tire condition and inflation, and fluids. It also includes checking and adjusting high-wear components. Typically, these PM As are scheduled at half of the oil change interval of the vehicle.  SAFETY EQUIPMENT - Flares – Flags – Fuses, Fire Extinguisher, Spare Bulbs & Fuses, Tire Chains (In season), Tools, Straps (for tears)  LUBRICATE CHASIS: Tractor, Trailer, Protect Antifreeze

PM B Service - include an oil and filter change as well as more in-depth checks of the engine and driveline. Should also include a download of the ECM and action on any trouble codes or problems reported by the ECM (if applicable).

PM C Service -  more extensive service (i.e. alignment, scheduled component replacement, DOT annual inspection, and other scheduled engine and driveline component inspection or replacement). 


​TA services are scheduled every 3 months. This PM service includes an inspection and lubrication, including a check of (at a minimum) the lights, tires, brakes, coupling devices, safety equipment, and any other “systems” (refrigeration unit, sliding axles, etc.).

TB PMs are scheduled every 6 months. This PM service includes all the items of a TA and a more in-depth inspection, as well as additional maintenance (pulling off hubcaps to check grease condition, retorquing lugs, etc.).

TC services are normally scheduled ANNUALLY. These include all the inspection and maintenance included in a TA and TB service, along with more extensive maintenance such as an alignment or complete brake overhaul.




In order to comply with FMCSA Safety Regulations part 396, it is necessary for every owner/driver of any contracted equipment, to fill out this form and submit to Carrier, every 30 days.   EM Way requires all maintenance reports to be completed and submitted by the 5th of each month for the previous month. 

*** Please complete the form below to satisfy your monthly maintenance reporting requirements.