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"Working with EM Way has been a great experience.  Everyone is easy to get along with and are always willing to go the extra mile for a driver to solve problems and keep a fella moving".  Owner Operator Steve Markowitz "2023" 

(RIP Steve, it was a true pleasure working with you.  We miss you.  Love your EM Way family)


With EM Way, you're in complete control. Some important highlights of EM Way's service to our Operators:

  • You can grow your business on your own terms. You choose the loads that meet your business needs. You go home when you want and head back out when you’re ready, plus with EM Way’s percentage pay, as rates go up, so do your settlements.
  • By utilizing our fuel discount app and selecting the best savings you can save $500 or more a week in fuel discounts. That is nearly a truck payment for a team operation!
  • A top-tier, highly experienced support staff which responds rapidly and professionally to problems when they arise.
  • A top-tier safety staff who work for the drivers instead of against them, coaching as needed to keep the drivers’ scores up. 
  • Top-tier accounting staff, highly experienced who get our paychecks RIGHT, and on time!
  • Top-tier administrative staff who help iron out all kinds of issues, and are accessible to the operators. The focus is on practical solutions, not arbitrary attitudes and policy.

​Experience a freedom like never before by switching to EM Way today!

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