EM Way Inc


We are sorry you are experiencing a delay.  We understand that your time is your money and we will do our best to assist you and get you compensated fairly. 

Please DO NOT contact the customers/brokers at all to discuss detention rates, that is EM Way's responsibility.  

IF you are experiencing detention after our normal business hours, you are still required to complete this form.  You can notify the Broker directly in hopes they can assist you with getting loaded/unloaded.  

If your detention is at the shippers let us know immediately, as we might decide to find you another load.  Drivers are not expected to wait all day for freight.  

Customer's typically require the following from the drivers in order to be considered for detention reimbursement:

1.  Complete our detention form online.

2.  Brokers/Customers require to be notified within 2 hours of the detention occurrence. 

3.  Record the in and out times on the Bill of lading and have the shipper/receiver initial.  A gate pass or truck log from the shipper/receiver will suffice.  WITHOUT this information your claim will be denied immediately. 

4.  Send us a copy of your BOL/gate pass with the times.  

EM Way's responsibility to collect your detention:
1.  If you did not follow steps 1 and 2 of driver requirements above, your claim will automatically be denied, and we will not contact our customers for approval.

2. Each customers detention pay is different.  We will contact the customer to find out what the free time and rates will be.  Once we get your delivery documents (BOL) we will notify the customer and start the detention procedure. 

3. Detention can take as little as 24 hours to be approved, and as long as 2 weeks.  Be patient, and we will let you know the outcome.

Thank you,

​Your EM Way Support Staff