SEND ALL EMAIL's TO -     (please send rate sheets to your Support Manager).

Department Direct Extension 500

Please remember you can be under 1 load (must be loaded) and book 1 load in advance.  

Please complete all areas of the form below, and your Support Manager, will be notified.  Once we receive the rate sheet from the Customer/Broker, your Support Manager will email you a copy of the rate sheet and send your final dispatch email. 

*** All Support Mangers are required to call the Operator once we have sent our emails, to notify you that your dispatch is completed.

Self Dispatch Support Managers

Your Support Manager processes your rate sheets, checks for hours of service compliance, handles your detention issues, rejected freight, layover, and re-schedules your loads if needed.  Please be sure to reach out to them directly if you are experiencing any freight related issues and they will be happy to assist!

Angel, Senior Support Manager for Drivers A through L, ext 301

EM Way Inc

Self Dispatch Reporting Form

for Operators A through L