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Growing up I was supposed to be an OBGYN!  Never would I have pictured that my life was going to go in a different direction.  I'm sure anyone reading this could say they didn't picture themselves doing what they do now!  I just hope that whatever you do, that you love what you do as much as I do! 

My favorite thing to do is dispatch!  I used to work 80 plus hours a week.  I was on call for 18 years (so I worked round the clock).  My days were filled with dispatching and my nights and weekends were spent doing the rest (accounting, recruiting, safety, compliance etc), plus raising a child (who my company is named after).  I am grateful that I was able to learn all facets of running this company, although I still learn something new everyday.  Now I spend my time at work "putting out fires" as I always say.  This can be anything from filling in for dispatch, programming (I wrote our software), insurance matters, talking drivers off the ledge, working with my staff to better ourselves, coming up with ideas to make EM Way better or to offer more options for our operators (sometimes my idea's work and sometimes not so much). 

I love helping people, and I believe that even in this industry where everyone is jaded, that EM Way is the BEST place for an Owner Operator to be (aside from running their own company).  We may not be perfect but I feel we are perfect for any operator who wants to break away from the Mega Carrier's and run the way they want to.  I recognize that an operator would have their own company if they wanted to deal with the headaches that go with it.  Most of our operators want to just DRIVE, so we handle everything!  This way operators can focus on doing what they do best while we handle the rest!

I have been in the industry since 1999, when I went to work for my father who was an Owner Operator.  I have been on the road, dry shaved my legs in the bunk, freaked out over Donner Pass, and I can say that driving a truck is not for me, BUT ... I LOVE this side of the business. Nothing makes me happier then to know that each and every day, that myself and my staff give 100 plus % of our efforts to assist our Operators, and to help them be successful in this industry.

My dad spent 20 years in the Air Force, and when he retired he knew that a desk job wasn't for him.  After my dad worked for some of the LARGER carriers, he knew he was wasting his money, and that he could do much better on his own.  Like you, he took a chance, purchased his first truck (in 1994), and worked very hard to grow his business.

When I started with his company in 1999, he had 3 trucks of his own.  I became bored with 3 trucks and he came up with the idea of recruiting Owner Operators. Before I knew it we had 13 trucks.  I loved my job from that moment on.   I learned from my dad and the Operators, how MOST Operators want to be treated, how they want to run and how to make them money.

It was hard working for my dad (most family for that matter).  The company we were building required my attention 24 hours a day and I felt we were losing the father daughter connection because everything centered around work.  We would talk 20 times a day, but it was always about work (what I wouldn't do for a phone call now).  We didn't agree on a lot of things.  He would tell me to do something, I would "yes" him so he would leave me alone, but I would do things my way anyway lol .  There were some business decisions that had to be made and since we didn't agree on how to move forward I sought my independence and started my own company in 2007.

Working for my dad I learned that this is an expensive business to be in.  Truck payments, trailer payments, maintenance, and so on.  My dad felt with Operators, that you don't take a lot of money from one person (like most Carriers), you take a little money from a lot of people.  This is why I try to pay the highest in the industry.  I believe that it's the Operators hard work, and personal sacrifices that make the company great, therefore, it's the Operators that should be rewarded, not the Carrier's pocket.

My dad worked very hard, once staying on the road for an entire year to make sure his business was a success.  My dad passed away in 2009, at the age of 61, at a receivers in CT.  He was a very stubborn man, who knew he was ill, but refused to be late on his delivery.  His 1993 Pete had 2.3 million miles (which he put on himself) before she laid to rest 4 months after he passed.

Every day he is with me in spirit, especially at work.  Sometimes I can feel him shaking his head saying "what are you doing that for", but most times I can feel that he is proud of me, proud of EM Way.  I know he is happy I have not let this industry change my beliefs and that I promise that I will treat each and every one of my Operators, the way my dad would have wanted to be treated, and the way you DESERVE to be treated.  For my dad, my kids, and all my Operators, this is why I do my job to the best of my abilities each and every day. 

RIP Dad, I will always love you ... Drive On!

EM Way Inc

Company culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals. 

Our company culture ...

Owner Operators are our most important customers.  They are not dependent on us.  We are dependent on them.  They are not an interruption in our work.  They are the purpose of our work.  They are not an outsider in our business.  They are the reason we are in business.  We are not doing any of them a favor by serving them.  They are doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.

Your EM Way Team

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